A Message from President Chad M. Brown

At Zane State College, we consider our institution an integral part of our communities. We are here to support each individual student who makes the life-changing decision to become a Zane State College student and to support local business and industry.

I firmly believe that every student who walks through our door has the ability to be successful. As an institution, we believe that a college education should be within reach for anyone who wants it, and we work hard to make that happen. Starting the first two years of a bachelor’s degree with us saves money and gives students the opportunity for the personal attention they may need. We also continue to offer technical degree programs that are selected to prepare students for great careers and support local business and industry. Due to the marketability of our degrees and the partnerships we have built with numerous four year colleges and universities, we have created pathways to make pursuing a bachelor’s degree as easy as possible for all of our graduates.

Whatever road they choose to take, graduates will leave Zane State College with the knowledge they need to be successful in life. Our instructors are highly trained, and the education a student receives here is exceptional. Education is a personal journey, but it is not one that anyone has to undertake alone. We at Zane State College look forward to walking beside each and every student along the road to success.

Dr. Chad M. Brown


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