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Student Spotlight: Abby

Enrolling at Zane State College is the beginning of building confidence in your successful future. Please read the words below from Abby, Marketing Management student, and student employee, on how she found assurance and support at Zane State College.

Student Worker Abby

As a freshman in high school, someone once told me that my class would “not amount to anything” and that we “would not do anything with our lives.” That personally stuck with me and has influenced my choices moving forward with my education. That choice of words has motivated me to accomplish so much!

Once I was accepted to Zane State College, I went online and applied for their scholarships. To my surprise, I was awarded the Academic Award Scholarship. This scholarship has paid for my full tuition and has meant so much to myself and my family. It is proof that anyone, who is motivated, can do it.

Since being awarded, I realized that my hard work, thanks to those non-motivational words I heard back in high school and this scholarship, will set me up for my future. Not just for myself but, most importantly, for my family.

We are proud to have you as a student, Abby, and look forward to what your story holds!

If you are a student or are considering Zane State College, we’d love to connect you to financial resources to support your education! You may be eligible for a Foundation scholarship ranging from $500 to half-tuition.  To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the application here.

Spring Semester begins January 18. Meet with our Enrollment Team to get started!

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