Fall Course Update 2020

Zane State College is preparing for our Fall Semester with a primary focus on the safety of our students, employees, and visitors. Smaller classes will be able to meet face-to-face each session while larger classes may utilize a blended technology approach. The College will have an aggressive sanitization plan to assure surfaces are clean and safe, and everyone will be encouraged to wear face coverings. Click here for a map of check-in welcome stations for when you come to campus. 

Current Students

Classes start on August 17. If you have 30 or more credit hours, you can register for classes on My ZSC (Add/Drop Courses). If you have less than 30 credit hours, please contact your Program Advisor or get in touch with your Success Coach.

Prospective Students

New students start the week of August 10.  Zane State is a wonderful, local higher education resource you should fully take advantage of because of our affordable tuition, outstanding faculty and staff, and our technology rich learning environment. Start with us and finish at a 4-year college. You can drastically reduce your bachelor’s degree costs through 2+2 and 3+1 transfer options. Earn general education credits that may be applied to a bachelor’s degree. 

We are looking forward to a success fall semester and helping our students every step of the way! Please visit our COVID-19 web page for additional information.

Fall 2020 Courses

Select the label below for a convenient list of course offerings. You may also view availability in the My ZSC course search (Add/Drop Courses).

Course Offerings

These specific, general education courses fit the Ohio Transfer Module, and are guaranteed to transfer among Ohio’s public colleges and universities:
* indicates TAG
** indicates OTM
*** indicates TAG/OTM


ACCT 1110-Accounting I
ACCT 2220-Managerial Accounting *
ACCT 2250-Cost Accounting
ACCT 2410-Intermediate Accounting I
ALTE 1800-Photovoltaic Energy Systems
ARTS 1010-Art History I ***
BIOL 1070-Environmental Science **
BIOL 1210-General Biology I ***
BUSM 1110-Principles of Management
BUSM 2620-Organizational Behavior *
CHEM 1010-Introduction to Chemistry **
CHEM 1210-General Chemistry I **
CJUS 1060-Introduction to Criminal Justice *
CJUS 1090-Corrections *
CJUS 1150-Police/Corrections Defensive Driving
CJUS 2660-Firearms
COMM 1220-Interpersonal Communication *
COMM 2610-Public Speaking ***
CULA 1020-Orientation to Culinary Arts
CULA 1040-Sanitation
CULA 1060-Fundamentals of Food Preparation
CULA 2020-Food and Beverage Cost Control
CULA 2060-Classical Cuisine
CULA 2080-Food Service Equipment/Facility Organization
CULA 2160-Classical Desserts
EDUC 1010-Introduction to Education *
EDUC 1090-Effective Classroom Management
EDUC 2250-Phonics
EEET 1110-D.C. Circuit Analysis *
EEET 2150-Digital Circuits *
EEET 2210-Industrial Instrumentation and Controls
EEET 2450-Rotating Machinery and Controls
EEET 2510-Programmable Logic Controllers *
EEET 3000-Introduction to Electric Utility Industry
EEET 3100-Introduction to Protection Systems
EEET 3150-Workplace Skills Seminar
EEET 3200-Electric Utility Print Reading
EEET 3250-Electric Utility Safety
FYEX 1010-First Year Success Strategies
GEOL 1350-Earth Science **
ISET 1100-Industrial Electricity
ISET 2650-Mechanical Systems
ITCS 1010-Introduction to Networking
ITCS 1020-Graphic Design
ITCS 2510-Cisco Routers I
MATH 0650-Statistics Lab
MATH 0990-Introductory Algebra
MATH 0995-Path to College Mathematics
MATH 1050-Quantitative Reasoning **
MATH 1051-Quantitative Reasoning Lab
MATH 1250-Algebra and Trigonometry **
MATH 1251-Algebra and Trigonometry Lab
MATH 1340-College Algebra **
MATH 1341-College Algebra Lab
MATH 1350-Pre-Calculus **
MATH 1650-Statistics **
MATH 2510-Calculus I **
MECH 1000-Engineering Graphics
MECH 2000-Advanced Mechanical 3-D Modeling *
MECH 2100-Engineering Economy *
MECH 2200-Statics *
MECH 2500-Hydraulics and Pneumatics *
MKTG 1000-Marketing *
NAFS 1000-Natural Science Computer Applications
NAFS 1300-Soil Science
WILD 1080-Field Skills
WILD 1410-Botany
WILD 2170-Mammalogy
WILD 2400-Field Entomology
WILD 2500-Wildlife Habitat Management
WILD 2540-Outdoor Area Construction
WILD 2570-Forestry
WILD 2610-Recreation Law, Management and Policy
WILD 2740-Nature Interpretation


ACCT 1010-Financial Accounting
ACCT 2220-Managerial Accounting
BIOL 1070-Environmental Science **
BIOL 2400-Anatomy and Physiology I **
BIOL 2420-Anatomy and Physiology II **
BMCA 1010-Introduction to Microcomputer Concepts and Applications *
BMCA 1020-Introduction to Windows and Word
BMCA 1050-Introduction to Microcomputer Software Application
BMCA 1110-Office Keyboarding Skills
BMCA 1300-Access
BMCA 1500-Word
BUSM 1110-Principles of Management
BUSM 1520-Macroeconomics
BUSM 1600-Business Ethics
BUSM 2620-Organizational Behavior *
BUSM 2730-Real Estate Principles and Practices
BUSM 2740-Real Estate Law
BUSM 2750-Real Estate Finance
BUSM 2760-Real Estate Appraising
COMM 1220-Interpersonal Communication
CYBR 1300-Security+
EDUC 1450-Introduction to Special Education *
EDUC 1830-Child Development *
EDUC 2070-Technology for Educators
ENGL 1500-Composition I **
ENGL 2500-Composition II **
ENGL 2600-American Literature since 1865: The Making of a Diverse US ***
ENGL 2700-World Literature: Global Culture and Perspectives **
ENGL 2800-Professional Writing *
FYEX 1100-Introduction to Online Learning
HIMT 1100-Introduction to Health Information Management
HIMT 1600-Comparative Health Information
HIMT 1900-Professional Practicum and Seminar I
HIMT 2010-Health Care Quality Improvement
HIMT 2500-Clinical Classification Systems III
HIMT 2700-Health Care Information Technology and Systems
HIST 1100-Western Civilization to 1492 ***
HIST 1200-U.S. History I ***
HLTH 1210-Medical Terminology *
HLTH 1500-Professionalism in Healthcare
HLTH 1730-Disease and the Disease Process
HLTH 2210-Nutrition and Diet Therapy
HRMG 1200-Staffing & Employment Functions
HRMG 2650-Human Resource Management
ITCS 2090-Project Management Methodologies
MATH 1050-Quantitative Reasoning **
MATH 1650-Statistics **
MKTG 1000-Marketing *
MKTG 1010-Retail Management
MKTG 2150-Principles of Professional Sales
PHIL 1010-Introduction to Philosophy ***
PHIL 1020-Introduction to Ethics ***
PHIL 1030-Critical Thinking **
POLS 1010-American National Government ***
PSYC 1010-Introduction to Psychology ***
PSYC 2010-Abnormal Psychology ***
PSYC 2030-Child/Adolescent Psychology ***
SOCI 1010-Introduction to Sociology ***
SOCI 2050-Deviant Behavior **
SOCI 2060-Race and Ethnicity **
SOCI 2270-Criminology ***
SWKA 2050-Introduction to Addiction Studies
THTR 1010-Introduction to Theater **


ACCT 1200-Excel Accounting Applications
CJUS 1010-Criminal Law
CJUS 1120-Defensive Tactics
CJUS 1980-Introduction to Homeland Security
ENGL 0990-Studio 1500
ENGL 1500-Composition I **
ENGL 2500-Composition II **
ENGL 2800-Professional Writing *
HLTH 1100-Personal Wellness
HLTH 1210-Medical Terminology
ITCS 1500-Microcomputer Hardware
ITCS 2110-Security in the Information Age
ITCS 2250-Database Management Systems
MEDA 1010-Introduction to Medical Assisting
MEDA 1210-Administrative Medical Office Practices
PHYS 2020-Physics II ***
POLS 1010-American National Government ***
PSYC 1010-Introduction to Psychology ***
SOCI 1010-Introduction to Sociology ***
SOCI 2060-Race and Ethnicity **
SWKA 2210-Family Dynamics


ACCT 2110-Income Tax Accounting
BUSM 1110-Principles of Management
BUSM 1510-Microeconomics ***
BUSM 1520-Macroeconomics ***
BUSM 1600-Business Ethics
CJUS 1280-Evidence and Criminal Procedure
CJUS 1910-Police Operations *
HRMG 2650-Human Resource Management
ITCS 1030-Introduction to Programming Logic
ITCS 2020-Introduction to Java
ITCS 2230-Developing Mobile Applications for Android Devices
MKTG 1000-Marketing *
POLS 1010-American National Government ***
PSYC 2310-Educational Psychology ***
SWKA 1010-Introduction to Social Work *
SWKA 2230-Case Management


ACCT 2850-Accounting Practicum
MEDA 1032-Clinical Practicum/Seminar I
MEDA 2040-Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures II
SWKA 2300-Practicum I


AMSL 1010-American Sign Language I *


BIOL 2410-Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory **
BIOL 2430-Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory **

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