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Accepting Applications for Fall 2020 Student Ambassadors!

Job Title: Student Ambassador

Reports to: Student Ambassador Director

Position Summary: This position is designed for Zane State College students to develop their leadership, mentoring, and collaborative skills. They will have the opportunity for hands-on involvement within the campus and community. Each ambassador will be expected to complete a structured format of requirements. These include leadership development, community service, and academic or administrative involvement. As a result of this program the student ambassadors will have learned and developed qualities that are important to future success and citizenship.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Leadership Development
    1. Student must complete at least 15 hours of paid training.
  2. Community Service
    1. Student must volunteer for 20 hours of community service throughout the duration of their membership. Must be pre-approved by Student Ambassadors’ Director.
  3. Campus Involvement
    1. Student must complete 50 hours of paid campus service. They may choose from two tiers: academic or administrative. On the academic side they will work closely with faculty as a peer mentor. On the administrative side they will work with Enrollment Services on events, recruitment opportunities, and marketing.

Position Requirements: In order to apply for the job, student must meet these requirements:

  • Registered for the 2020 Fall Semester at Zane State College
  • Completed 12 or more credit hours by May 7, 2020
  • GPA of 3.0+
  • 16 years or older

Apply here: https://zanestate.edu/sapf20


Questions about the position may be directed to: Dr. Elizabeth Kline / ekline@zanestate.edu / 740.588.4116

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