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Bring Your Own Device

What is “Bring Your Own Device?” BYOD is just as it sounds. Students bring their own portable devices such as a laptop, or tablet into the classroom.

To get you off to a strong start to earning your degree or certificate, all new students enrolling at Zane State College are required to have their own laptop or computer. This device will be used in the classroom, and for preparing for class at home. Your cell phone will not be an adequate substitution. If you already have a device, you are all set and ready for the start of classes.

Zane State College works hard to reduce the cost of your education. Part of this effort involves alleviating the necessity for physical textbooks. Faculty have been working on the following alternatives which will utilize your device:

  • Electronic resources – More than a book alternative. This reduced-cost alternative to textbooks provide you with additional learning resources, such as practice exercises and quizzes. This personalized learning experience adds to your learning awareness.
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) – A no-cost alternative to textbooks. Faculty who use OERs will provide you with access information allowing to view course materials for free, replacing traditional textbooks. For those of you who prefer a hard copy, both types of electronic resources can be printed.

Should you need to purchase a new device, Zane State College is confident that your investment in a laptop or tablet computer will allow the college to continue to reduce your book expenses while you earn your degree.

Low to moderately priced laptops are available in the College Bookstore which allows you to use financial aid money to purchase your device. IT and Engineering programs may require specialized laptops not available in the College Bookstore.

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