Finish What You Started

There is no one else out there like you. No one.

You have your own story. You have taken your own path with its own set of ups and downs. And that path might look like a zig-zag. Let’s talk about how returning to Zane State College is great option.

Changing your mind on where you want to attend college is common. Tavian tells his story about going away to a 4-year college then deciding close to home was the better option for him. Find out if you can relate by watching this quick testimonial on “finishing what you started” at Zane State College.

Request a Degree Audit

How close are you to actually finishing that degree? Contact your program advisor, or Success Coach Jen King, at for assistance.

Adult Education at ZSC

Welcome Back to the Family!

Re-Enroll in Three Easy Steps!

  1. Submit your Reactivation Form.
  2. Complete the FAFSA for Financial Aid.
  3. Meet with your advisor to schedule classes (once the other two are complete)

Contact Information

For re-enrollment, contact:
Jeannette Householder

For advising, contact:
Jennifer King 

Credit Where It's Due

Those years of your hard work do add up. Tell us more about your work history so we can find ways to possibly turn that experience into college credit or applied towards a certificate. 

Flexible Classes

If you want an on-campus learning opportunity, we have traditional offerings that take place during the day. We also have a variety of fully online programs.


Develop your skill set and prepare for supervisor/manager-level positions. Increase your earning potential and advance in your career by enrolling today.

Everyone has been very helpful and even though I’m older I don’t feel like an outsider.
Amy BurkhartStudent