Home School


Here at Zane State College we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we have a team of experts who can help homeschool students with their transition to college. With us, you have the opportunity to get an associate’s degree fully online. We also offer other programs that will allow you to take all your lectures in an online format and come to campus for your labs. Let us help you keep your education on track from the comfort of home. 

Our graduation rate is 3x times the state average for a reason, every student is treated individually and we work to ensure a promising future for EVERY one! We offer FREE tutoring and academic support, mental health counseling, accommodations, membership to the YMCA, access to the library and much, much more!

You get this all at the low cost of just $179/credit hour including books and supplies. This is substantially more affordable than other colleges. We also offer over 100 scholarships with the submission of just one application!

Ready to continue your education after high school? Contact the Admissions team at hello@zanestate.edu.

For College Credit Plus students:

Want to get a jump start on college courses while still in high school? Start with these steps:

  1. A parent/guardian must create an OH|ID account at https://ohid.ohio.gov.
  2. A parent/guardian must log-in to the OH|ID account to access the funding application.
  3. A parent/guardian must log-in to the OH|ID account and complete intent to participate section.
  4. Complete and Submit Application

If you have questions, contact the College Credit Plus team at ccp@zanestate.edu.