Send Us Your Transcripts

Send Us Your Transcripts

Send us your high school and college transcripts (include college classes that you took while you were in high school). This information helps us advise and schedule you in the right classes. Transcripts are also sometimes required to receive federal financial aid. Having issues getting your transcripts? Just let us know.

Where to submit necessary documents?

Mail To:

Zane State College
ATTN: Admissions Office
555 Newark Road
Zanesville, Ohio 43701


Fax: 740.588.1365

High School Transcripts

To submit your high school transcripts, simply call your high school and ask them to send official transcripts.

GED Transcripts

To obtain a copy of a GED received in Ohio, click here.

To obtain a copy of a GED received in a state other than Ohio, visit that state’s department of education website.

College Transcripts

You should send us transcripts from every college you’ve attended, including colleges you attended while in high school. If you took CCP classes, check with your high school to see which college transcripts you need.

Once your transcripts are evaluated, we will mail you a Transfer Credit Award Letter listing the classes for which you received credit (we are just looking to see which classes you passed).

If you took college classes but do not send us your college transcripts, you may end up taking/paying for a class that you already completed at a previous institution.

Note: You can send your college transcripts at any point, even after you started classes. Just make sure we receive them before you register for a class that you might have already taken at another institution.