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A Guide for Employers Participating in Zane State College's Advisory Committees

Originally published Nov 2017, revised June 2022

Thank you for your interest in Zane State College’s Employer Advisory Committees (EAC). Through your involvement, you can enhance your professional visibility while significantly helping to shape a successful workforce in these program areas. This article is a resource to help showcase the reasons why an advisory board is beneficial. EAC is the primary vehicle by which our academic and technical programs connect with our industry partners. We are grateful for our collaborations, and your role as the College continues to respond to our communities’ ongoing and emerging workforce needs.

It is our goal to help you develop your position on the EAC and create opportunities for you to contribute to building a solid EAC for the program you identify with. Ultimately, this work will help lead our College and our academic programs to produce students that meet your workforce needs.

According to state and federal mandates, each institution must establish separate industry-based advisory committees for each workforce education program or cluster of related majors. In addition, an individual programmatic advisory council is also required by the accrediting agencies of certain professions.

The general purposes of an EAC are:

  1. To help the College document the need for a workforce education program.
  2. To ensure that the program has both adequate resources and a well-designed curriculum to provide students with the skills needed to successfully meet the needs of business and industry.
  3. To ensure meaningful business and industry participation in program development and revision.

Why Employer Advisory Committees Are So Important

The mission of Zane State College lays the foundation for our institution’s work and is the catalyst for our collaborative work with our industry partners. EACs are the framework for building robust academic programs that serve our communities’ needs and are in the best interest of the local industry/workforce, the College, and especially our students.

  • As an employer, you are often the primary source of occupational data and hiring trends in our communities
  • You can provide equitable, work-based learning opportunities that will help students understand their career choice and what the work entails so that they are prepared to join your organization
  • As an EAC member, you are a champion of the College and your profession
  • You can help Zane State College maintain programs that are current with industry standards
  • Your feedback and insightful suggestions will be invaluable for us to continue providing quality training for our students and creating a skilled workforce
  • Your participation creates a communication pathway between the College and the industries that we are serving
  • Through your involvement in the EAC, you are also supporting stronger:
    • Student Retention Rates
    • Graduate Placement Rates
    • Student Learning Outcomes
    • Student Transfer Rates

Zane State College’s Pledge to Effectively Engage Employers

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