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Homecoming 2023: A Reason to Roar

For over 50 years, Zane State has been a staple in our community. We have been here through thick and thin. In celebration of ZSC and our community, starting this year, HOMECOMING, a classic college experience!

At ZSC, homecoming isn’t just one night, it’s a week-long celebration, packed with activities for current students, Alumni, community partners, and potential ZSC students.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a tour at Homecoming?

Of course you can! We have a staff ready to show off our state of the art labs and beautiful campus at the top of the hour Monday through Thursday.

Is there any parking nearby?

Short answer-YES! We have a community campus so not only is parking free, there is a TON of it. All Homecoming events are held in The Campus Center, located on the back side of ZSC campus near the YMCA. There is a handicap accessible parking lot near the main entrance as well as near the Bookstore entrance.

Will Homecoming events be cancelled due to weather?

Rain or shine, we will celebrate ZSC and the Community. We will have an indoor options for all activities in case of bad weather.

Homecoming 2023

What’s your reason to ROAR?



Sun - Fri Oct 7 - 5 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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