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Alumni Spotlight: David Ivey

David Ivey is a 2018 Zane State College (ZSC) graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Technology program. In his early 20s, he’s currently employed as the Sales manager of Malta Dynamics, which is America’s fastest growing fall protection and safety product manufacturer. He’s also re-enrolled at ZSC & Franklin University obtaining his Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Please take a moment to read his story – and if you are a graduate of Zane State, reach out to us to share your story at alumni@zanestate.edu.

If you’re anything like me, you might nervous about jumping straight out of high school or even from the workforce and starting your college career. Zane State offers the FYEX, First Year Experience course to help smooth things over and make an easy transition. This course will help you with computer and email systems, online book ordering, learning how to navigate in the online class environment, and much more. The class also helps students become familiar with Zane State College.

Not only does Zane State have great courses and education, the faculty is second to none. In high school I often heard ‘your college professors won’t be there to help you, you’re on your own.’ At Zane State College, this was the complete opposite. The staff was there to walk students through their courses and help us succeed. I’ve been up doing homework at 10 p.m. and have emailed professors for help and received nearly immediate responses. There is free tutoring available for students and countless study areas for students to collaborate on their coursework.

Finally, I want to encourage students to utilize the career services assistance at Zane State. The program helps students find employment post-graduation. I still receive emails constantly from Zane State’s career services about job openings in the area as well as the College Central Network that is an online platform for students to search and apply online for jobs. This program is free and is a great tool to help students find employment in their field of choice.

I am very thankful for the education Zane State College has allowed me to obtain. Thanks to a recommendation from a Zane State College Staff member, I was hired as the Product Development & Quality Manager at Malta Dynamics two weeks prior to my graduation in 2018. In that role, I was designing and engineering fall protection and safety products. During this time, I became one of the youngest members on the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z359 Committee responsible for writing fall protection standards. Since then, I have advanced in the organizational chart to become the Sales manager of the company which I was prompted to in July 2020. Zane State College is a wonderful school with endless opportunities its students through networking and the career services.

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