Get the Most from Your High School Years

Take full advantage of saving money while getting a quality education.

At Zane State College, you can participate in:                                                  

  • On-campus CCP that offers classes at Zane State College.
  • The exclusive Pathways to Engineering on-campus CCP program.
  • The exclusive Pathways to Business on-campus CCP program.
  • College classes that are offered in your high school.

Registration for Spring 2019 semester will start September 17th.  Our schedule is available to check out here!


Student Eligibility and Application

All CCP applicants start by taking the reading, writing, and math placement test to determine college readiness. ACT/SAT scores may be used to substitute for one or more parts of the placement test.


College Credit Plus: Impact of Student Grades and Decisions to Withdraw

CCP Administrator and Adjunct Faculty Information: click here

Save now and save more later.

CCP students who attend ZSC after high school are eligible to apply for exclusive book scholarships in addition to other scholarships they receive. 

For further assistance, please contact Michaele Druckenbrodt, College Credit Plus Campus Advisor, at