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Here's all the information you need to know about scholarships. Over 100 scholarships are available for fall semester. Apply by August 1.

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About Zane State College Foundation Scholarships...

This one application lets you apply for more than 100 Foundation scholarships which are awarded based on a variety of eligibility factors. Scholarship applications are still being accepted and will be reviewed on a funds-available basis.

The awarding process is competitive. Meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship. The best way to improve your candidacy is to submit all required materials as early as possible.

Award Amounts: Foundation awards vary from student to student and range from $250 per semester to full tuition. The award amount is based on a multitude of factors including your GPA, program, volunteer experience, and financial need.

Notification: Once all documents are received, you will be notified of eligibility and asked to sign a scholarship agreement.

FYI: Award letters are typically mailed in July for the upcoming academic year. Approximately $350,000 is awarded to ZSC students annually. Questions? Please call 740.588.1206 or email foundation@zanestate.edu.

What happens after I am awarded?

Donor Thank You Letter: You will receive a Scholarship Notification to your College email account from the Foundation. You will be required to write a thank you letter to the donor(s) of your scholarship. The notification will contain the name of the donor(s) and instructions for writing your thank you letter. Click here for more information about donor letters and an example to help.

Scholar-Donor Breakfast: At the beginning of each academic year, scholarship awardees will be required to attend the Scholar-Donor Breakfast. This event allows the Foundation Board of Directors, the scholarship awardees, and College faculty and staff to formally thank the donors for their investment in the educational resources of students such as yourself. This event allows the full Zane State College community to interact and recognize the accomplishments of the scholarship awardees. The details regarding this event will be communicated in your Scholarship Notification. Failure to attend this event may result in your scholarship award being rescinded.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding meeting this obligation, please contact the Scholarship Office at 740.588.1206 or e-mail us at foundation@zanestate.edu.

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Academic Award Scholarships

The Academic Award program provides scholarships for up to five consecutive semesters for qualified students based on your high school GPA and composite ACT scores. Awarded in half tuition and full tuition amounts, this scholarship can be used in addition to other grants and scholarships. This scholarship is available to graduating high school seniors.

Award Amounts: The total award amount will be based on a combination of cumulative high school GPA and composite ACT scores. Please see the following index to determine your award eligibility:


Notification: Once all documents are received, students will be notified of eligibility and asked to sign a scholarship agreement. Deadline to complete the scholarship agreement is two weeks prior to the start of the term. Students have up to one year after high school graduation to begin the scholarship.

Maintaining the Scholarship:

  • Students must enroll in and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours per term, except summer term. Students may choose not to enroll for summer, but it still counts as a term of eligibility.
  • The scholarship expires 5 consecutive semesters after the first semester of enrollment.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 must be sustained.

*Failure to meet any of the maintenance requirements will result in the loss of the academic award.