Ben Welker Sportsmanship and Community Service Scholarship Application

Ben Welker was a 2015 graduate of Zane State College and Tri-Valley High School. His perseverance and commitment to learning are being honored through a Zane State College scholarship. Two students from each Muskingum Valley League school will be awarded a $500 scholarship that may be used for the cost of books and supplies during the 2020-21 academic year. The scholarship can be used in conjunction with other scholarships, including the Academic Award which can provide full tuition.

“This scholarship is a testament to Ben’s character. Throughout his brave battle against Ewing’s Sarcoma, Ben continued to learn, be inspired, and plan for a successful career. We want to help other high school students do the same,” Erin and Scott Welker, Ben’s parents, said. “It’s amazing what a difference a scholarship can make in the life of a college student. We are so proud to have Ben’s memory live on through others as they work to achieve their dreams.”

Here is a list of 2019-20 winners:


Walker Harris

Grace Schooley

John Glenn

Jared Echelberry


Caden Mercer

Jared Stephenson


Dalton Drake

Abigail Keller

New Lexington

Brianna Eveland

Megan Nutter


Josie Harrop

Delaney Mumford


Ashleigh Craig

Madeline Gillenwater


Audrey Fliger

Shayna Launder

West Muskingum

Bryant Brennan

Andrew Dunn

High school students should contact their school counselor or athletic director to apply by April 1, 2020. Here is a link to the application. Students should also submit their completed application to their school counselor or athletic director. In addition to maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.75, the individual must demonstrate superior sportsmanship/leadership in athletics, band, high school extracurricular activities/clubs, or a strong dedication to community service. This scholarship is open to 2020 graduating high school seniors. Final recommendations will be selected by high school athletic directors. Scholarship recipients will be announced at high school honors events later in the spring.

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