Zane State College Alumni

Family For Life

Whether you attended Zane State College, Muskingum Area Technical College, or Muskingum Area Technical Institute, we are all Tigers! We are so proud of that, we reimagined our mascot in 2016.

Like all strong families, we never stop caring for our students, even after they become alumni. Tell us if there is something we can do to help you in your career or community. Stay in touch through social media or e-mail us at

Alumni Stories & News

Contributions Make a Difference

Partnerships with local businesses, foundations, and other organizations...
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Half a Century of Changing Lives

50 for 50

The Zane State College Foundation has a special...
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Alumni Spotlight: David Ivey

David Ivey is a 2018 Zane State College...
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Starting Over at Zane State!

Doug’s story is motivating and keeps you smiling....
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