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Welcome to the Zane State College Interactive Map. Mouse over the campus and select areas of interest by clicking on them to reveal more information.

ZSC Campus Map
Quad - Campus Green Muskingum YMCA Campus Center College Hall IDEA Lab Holdren Watton Law Laboratory Health Science Hall Advanced Science & Technology Center Drop In Control Module Herrold Hall (Library)

Quad - Campus Green

Campus Center, Zane State Campus

Running from class to class on campus, you will pass through the Quad, or better known as the campus Green. Here you will run into familiar faces and maybe some old classmates who attend Ohio University Zanesville (our neighbor next door). 

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Muskingum YMCA

Image of the Muskingum County Family YMCA

One perk we like to point out to future students is the free membership you gain to the Buckeye Valley Family YMCA! If you follow the link below, you can see the facility and the wide variety of options available to fit your recreational and exercise needs.

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Campus Center

Zane States Campus Center

The Campus Center was designed for you to get to know your classmates. Home to a small campus café, dining room, and multifunctional event space that you will hear us refer to as the 430s. With study rooms lining the upper-level halls and computer labs available for group projects, you will find a spot perfect for homework and meeting with classmates.

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College Hall

Image of Zane States College Hall

College Hall, the first step for EVERYONE!

Housed inside these walls are all the resources you need to achieve your educational goals. Here you will find the Business Office, Registrar’s OfficeTesting CenterTutoring CenterTech Solutions Center, and Student Services!

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Zane States Idea Lab

If you’ve always had a passion for creation but never had access to equipment, this is your chance. The IDEA Lab is utilized in several Zane State programs but it’s also a great resource for businesses in the community! 

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Holdren Watton Law Laboratory

Law lab

As you walk through campus, it’s important you know that when the RED LIGHT is on the Firing Range is in use! The Holdren Watton Law Lab is home to our on-campus firing range.

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Health Science Hall

Zane States Health Science Hall

Services for EVERYONE. Do you have a passion for serving the community you live in? Then you’re in the right place! 

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Advanced Science & Technology Center

Zane States Advanced Science and Technology Center

You’re standing in front of the newest innovation to Zane State campus, the Advanced Science and Technology Center. Within these walls, you can learn the anatomy of our resident cadaver, Bernie, learn the backend of video production in our state-of-the-art digital media lab, or take notes in the Zoom Room Lecture Hall.

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Drop In Control Module

The structure you are looking at is called the Drop in Control Module (or the DICM). Students in Bachelor of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering Technology program use this as a hands-on classroom.

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Herrold Hall (Library)

Image of Herrold Hall at Zane State

Herrold Hall is home to the recently renovated library here on campus. Sharing its walls with neighboring campus Ohio University Zanesville, it is a great resource for students, including multiple group study/presentation rooms, research and technology assistance, 30 computers with a variety of software, and printing options available.

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Self-Guided Tour

Image of the ZSC sign in the front of College Hall

Explore Zane State College: In your own time, at your own pace and at your convenience.

Visit on the weekends if that is what fits your schedule best and follow the QR codes around campus. On this 60-minute tour, you’ll see the highlights of Zane State’s Campus. Your experience will start and end at College Hall. It’s simple to begin: Hold up your phone camera to the QR code on the Self-Guided Tour signs beginning with the first sign positioned near the entrance of College Hall.

Don’t forget to snap a selfie and tag #ZaneStateQRTour

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