Pathways to Business

Earn a free associate degree at the same time of your high school diploma.

How? Simply by participating in the ZSC Pathways to Business degree. 

The Pathways to Business program is an opportunity for academically advanced high school juniors and seniors to get ahead while saving thousands of dollars. The program is designed to prepare you for immediate employment or to continue on to a bachelor’s degree. You will earn both college and high school credits simultaneously. At the conclusion of your senior year, graduates of the program earn an Associate of Business degree from Zane State College and a high school diploma from their home high school. 

You will attend classes taught by Zane State College faculty on the Zane State College campus. 

Admission to the Pathways to Business program is selective. Demonstrated academic readiness for college level algebra and English is required for acceptance into the program. Application must be made during the sophomore year of high school to compete the associate degree by the end of senior year.

Minimum prerequisites are:

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • “B” in all math and language arts courses
  • Junior standing when entering the program
  • 90 percent attendance rate at high school
  • Completion of at least two years of credit in English, Math (including Algebra I) and Science
  • College-level Placement on the Accuplacer or ACT
  • No high school disciplinary infractions
  • Health and Physical Education credits completed
  • Two years of a high school level foreign language is recommended.

Degree Details

Major: Pathways to Business-Business Administration & Management
: Associate of Applied Business
Location: On Campus
Duration: 2 Years
Type: Business
Course of Study: PBUS_COS_22_23

Application and Program Materials

Application Steps

  • Obtain and complete application materials on this page.
  • Submit your ACT scores or complete the Accuplacer assessment at Zane State College.