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CircleIn: All in One Study App

Have you been struggling to find the perfect way to study? No worries, Zane State has made it possible to connect with your classmates outside of class, in an all-in-one studying app for you and your peers! This amazing tool allows you to connect with an inclusive community of your classmates and ask questions, study together and even earn rewards for your participation. So “What is this application?” you may ask. The answer is CircleIn!

CircleIn has many great ways to study built in for students. Some of these include:

  • Chats: No need to exchange phone numbers and contact information, just jump into the auto-generated class group chats and get started! Create your own group chat with other students from your school and customize the chats you create by adding a picture and name to the group!
  • Study Room: Use study room to further collaborate with classmates and have your very own video study session to prepare for upcoming exams or group project assignments!
  • Screen Sharing: Multiple students can share their screens at once. Collaborate as you prepare for exams and work on group projects!
  • Class Feed: This is where you can go to view posts that have been shared or created by any of your classmates. Support your classmates by answering questions, commenting, and utilizing the “Thanks” button to show your appreciation!
  • My Classes: Within CircleIn, you can click on My Classes to get an overview of all the courses you have available on the platform. Here, you can select course section and get redirected to the class feed for that specific course.
  • Flashcards: When it’s time to prepare for an exam, a time-tested tool for studying and memorization Is to create flashcards to review your material.
  • Note Taking: Take notes directly on CircleIn. Notes are automatically saved in individual folders created for all your classes.  Notes can be taken and accessed on mobile and web versions of the app.
  • Rewards: One of the best features of CircleIn is earning points gets you rewards! Virtually everything you do in the app equates to different point values. A notification will pop up to let you know how many points you’ve earned. Every month, the top students who earn the most points on CircleIn get rewarded with a gift card of their choice. Students who score top points week-after-week also have the chance to become eligible for scholarships at the end of the semester/term.

Start studying by taking advantage of three studying modes: Review Time, Quiz Yourself, and Match Magic.

  • Review Time- Review flash cards that you have created to memorize/study the content you have added to the deck. Track your progress by answering your cards as “Didn’t remember”, “almost had it” or “knew it well” to focus on the content you haven’t mastered yet.
  • Quiz Yourself-Randomly generate a quiz of your flashcards where you can time yourself with matching and multiple choice. Test how well you know your stuff by clicking on “get results” and watch the system automatically score your quiz.

CircleIn allows you to get automatically connected with your peers through various tools like group chats, study room video chat and more! Engage with your peers even further by sharing helpful content like links, notes and other great resources. Get into the studying groove by utilizing studying tools! Create and study your own flashcards, type out some notes or get organized by creating tasks! So, what’s stopping you from using this reward-giving studying tool? Get logged on and see what CircleIn has to offer you today!

For questions regarding CircleIn, reach out to estainbrook@zanestate.edu.

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