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Student Dana

Student Spotlight: Dana

Meet Social Work Assistant student Dana! Dana chose Zane State College to give herself the time she needed to find the career path right for her.

Initially, I was undecided on a major. I wanted to go to a school where I could figure out which career path I wanted to take without going into debt. I appreciated that Zane State College is close to home and has a smaller class size, making it more personal. The smaller class size gave me the one-on-one time I needed with my instructors.

Through the Social Work program, I have had to attend many community events, which has allowed me to network with individuals and businesses in the area. I plan to further my education once I have graduated from the Social Work Assistant program and transfer on to obtain my bachelor’s and then master’s degree. My program advisor, Stacie Curtis, and my experience as a student worker in the Student Services office have helped me come out of my shell.

Zane State is more than just a community college; it truly is a community of friendly faces. I have never had a faculty member not say hello to me in the hallway, even if they didn’t know me. If you are struggling, they will do everything to help you as long as you meet them halfway. Everyone here at ZSC is so friendly and helpful, and they have tons of resources that can help anyone in any situation.

They do want you to succeed, and you can feel that.

The Social Work Assistant program is now enrolling. Learn more.

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