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Why Zane State College Disc Golf?

Simply put, it’s fun! The College wanted to give students and community members an opportunity to spend time on campus while getting exercise and participating in friendly competitions. Disc golf is like golf, except you play the course with a disc, throwing it like a frisbee into a basket. Keep a record of the number of throws at each hole, and you tally your score. Plan to spend around an hour and a half playing. We welcome players with all skill levels to come and play … chances are you will love it!

Special Thank You

While this project took many hands, the course was designed by Zane State College Senior Graphic Designer Jesh Folden and Advisor & Professional Tutor Cole Mathers. Jesh presented his ideas for a ZSC disc golf course to Director of Advancement Katlyn Porter, who supported and identified donor-specified funds for the project. With Dr. Chad Brown’s approval, the planning and installation of the 18-hole course on the Zane State College Campus began. This course was made possible through the support of President Chad Brown; Katlyn Porter and the Zane State College Foundation; Al Parker, Jim Stafford, and their Wildlife Conservation students; the many employee volunteers, with a special thanks to Mike Bowman, Jason Lanning, Joseph Keating, Jason Latchic, and the entire Facilities Team; and, Steve Kerekes, and the countless community volunteers. Thank you all for your efforts and hard work in making this course a reality!

Course Map

The beautiful, 18-hole course takes disc golfers throughout the Zane State College campus. The par for the course is 55 (total feet is 3,797) and is playable all year round when you want to have fun with friends or play solo for some quiet time. At this time, tournament play will not be permitted. Click here to download the map. Click here to download the map.

Course Rules

Safety First! Do not throw when vehicles, cyclists, or other pedestrians are approaching, or within range of any throw.

Tee Throws: Each hole begins with a tee throw within or behind the designated tee area.

Lie: The spot where the disc lands. It is marked by a mini disc or by flipping over the disc directly toward the chain basket.
The next throw is made from behind the marked lie.

Throwing Order: The player with the lowest score on the previous hole is the first to tee off on the next hole. After tee throws,
the player farthest from the basket goes first.

Mandatory (Mando): A Mando is one or more designated trees or poles in the fairway that the flying disc must pass as
indicated by the arrows.

Unplayable Lie: Any disc that comes to rest above the ground, such as in a tree or other vegetation, is considered an unplayable lie. The disc must be thrown from a spot directly underneath the unplayable lie that is no closer to the basket. Do not stand on vegetation. No penalty is assessed in these situations.

Out of Bounds (O/B): Permanent water hazards and vehicle roadways are always out of bounds. The throwing player receives a penalty stroke. An out of bounds disc must be played from a point 3 feet in bounds where the disc went out of bounds.

Course Courtesy: Stand behind the player throwing a disc, stay quiet, and avoid unnecessary movements. Allow faster groups to play through.

Pick up trash: Do not alter the course by removing trees, bushes, or branches.

Have questions? 

Please email jfolden1@zanestate.com.

Vehicles may be damaged in various ways. A pebble can crack a windshield, a baseball can cause a dent, and so on. What happens if your car is damaged while on campus? Who pays for repairs? It can vary, depending on the situation and the details of the incident. In the event of any property damage or personal injury from the disc golf course, the matter should be reported to the police and insurance companies of the parties involved.

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