Educational Opportunity Center

Educational Opportunity Center

Are you 19 years of age or older and interested in attending college, need financial assistance, and a first-generation college student?* Make an appointment with Zane State College’s Ohio Appalachian Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)!

Through the EOC, eligible students can receive FREE admissions, academic, career, and financial aid assistance. The process is simple, too. Over the course of a couple of appointments, you will meet with one of our EOC experts, develop an academic plan, and take the next steps to becoming a college student. The EOC can open the doors to other opportunities, including admission to Zane State College’s Transition to College and TRIO – Student Support Services.

Transition to College

Transition to College is a free class available for anyone interested in trying college. Upon successful completion, students will earn two free college credits and eliminate two mandatory freshman classes! The class is designed to help students begin college with ease and confidence. Students will receive guidance throughout the enrollment process, as well as complete admissions and financial aid applications, explore career options, and refresh basic skills such as math, English, and computer skills.

TRIO - Student Support Services

TRIO – Student Support Services helps students their goals and reach graduation. Through TRIO, you will receive personal academic attention with:

  • Academic guidance
  • Career preparation
  • Personalized support
  • Financial aid and scholarship assistance
  • Professional mentoring
  • Transfer guidance & college/university visits
  • Tutoring 

Contact Us

Get started today by contacting EOC Coordinator Terry Kopchak at 740.588.1268 or We look forward to seeing you on campus!

*Terms of eligibility: The Ohio Appalachian Educational Opportunity Center is a United States Department of Education, TRIO grant funded program. This grant program has been awarded to Shawnee State University since 1994 with the sole purpose of providing educational outreach services to residents of the Ohio Appalachian region. Eligible residents, those who are first of their family to obtain a bachelor’s degree, low-income, or Veterans, may receive an array of services that are provided at no cost to qualified program participants.

Educational Opportunity Center Services

College Enrollment

EOC Coordinators may help participants in identifying a career, selecting a college, identifying a major course of study, changing majors or colleges, college transfer, applying for admission, re-admission, or transfer by assisting with application forms, testing arrangements, letters of references and establishing campus visits.

Emotional Support

EOC Coordinators may help participants, who are unfamiliar with the educational environment and the process of higher education, to become more comfortable with the challenges inherent to higher education. They may provide assistance with professional dress, manners, appropriate strategies to interact with professors and administrators, time management, resource allocation, and a level of support to enhance the success of eligible participants in the academic and career world.

The Ohio Appalachian Educational Opportunity Center is administrated by Shawnee State University and offers regional services through a variety of outreach sites. Outreach Sites include Zane State College, Mid-East Career and Technology Centers, Southern State Community College, Ohio University-Southern Campus, University of Rio Grande, and Washington-Morgan Community Action.