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What is TRIO SSS?

Trio at Zane State College

TRIO Student Support Services

“They made it feel like family, and they were always helpful and there when I needed them.” – Dakota Brooks, TRIO SSS Participant

“I feel very at home and equipped to handle any challenge with the guidance of TRIO SSS.” – Emma DiYanni, TRIO SSS Participant

“TRIO SSS has helped me feel cared about as a person, not just as a student.” – Krystal Knight, TRIO SSS Participant

“TRIO SSS has helped me become more confident in my studying and able to perform class work better.” – Holly Grimes, TRIO SSS Participant

Your Toolbox for Success

What if you could go to one office and get everything you need?

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is your on-campus toolbox: you need it, we have it—or we can point you in the right direction. We know college can be confusing, but TRIO SSS is there every step of the way, from the first semester until graduation. All this, for free.

Check out some of the great services available to TRIO SSS participants:

  • Advising – We’re dedicated to giving you the best advice about which courses to take and when, in conjunction with your program advisor. We’ll also help you get registered for courses.
  • Tutoring – We provide one-on-one professional tutoring in math and writing, plus access to live online tutoring that’s available 24/7, so you can get the help you need, when you need it.
  • Finances – Money. We get it. From walking you through financial aid forms to helping you hunt down scholarships and level up your personal financial game, TRIO SSS helps you make sense of those dollars.
  • Fee Waivers – TRIO SSS participants are eligible for waivers of the credit-by-exam fee, transcript request fee, and prior-learning portfolio review fee.
  • Free Printing – Print for free in the Academic Resource Center, part of the office suite available exclusively to TRIO SSS participants.
  • Safe Space – TRIO SSS is your safe space on campus to hang out, study, and socialize. Grab a snack, use the microwave or fridge, or play a game. If you want to talk, we’re here to listen. And we’ll know your name. After all, you belong here.
  • Events – We go places. Near and far, you’ll have opportunities to learn more, experience more, and become more. From Broadway shows to safaris, banking workshops to chess matches, TRIO SSS can expand your horizons.
  • Career Prep – Let our Virtual Job Shadow platform give you the low-down on careers you didn’t even know existed. We’ll happily help you spruce up your resume and craft cover letters as you tackle the job search. It’s also important to us that you are headed toward a career that’s in demand, so we’ll talk about your options.
  • Next Steps – You’ll graduate. And then what? Whether you’re looking to get a job or get a bachelor’s degree, we’ll help you figure out what questions to ask, where to look, and what to do next.

That’s a lot—but we might have a few more tricks up our sleeve, like calculators, laptops, and textbooks you can access, and a fish tank, and Jake the mannequin. We maybe have a skeleton in a trunk. You know, for science.

Of course, we can’t do everything. Fortunately, we know Zane State like the back of our hand, so start with us, and we’ll get you where you need to go.

Apply Today

Our application is simple and short (we’re talking like 2 minutes). You can do it right now: fill it out, and we’ll check to see if you’re eligible. The main ways you can be eligible are related to your household income (we’ll grab info from the FAFSA you completed), your parent’s education level, and whether you have a documented disability. Think you’re not eligible? Just apply, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

TRIO Student Support Services at Zane State College is 100% funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, with an annual budget of $261,888.00, to serve 144 students per academic year.

Joshua Eno

Joshua Eno, Director

Robin Carroll, TRIO

Robin Carroll, Administrative Assistant

(740) 588-4115

Jason Lanning

Jason Lanning, Advisor/Math Tutor

Cole Mathers

Coleman Mathers, Advisor/Writing Tutor