Environmental Science, Safety & Health

The Environmental Science Program at Zane State College

Environmental Science, Safety & Health technicians are trained to meet the environmental staffing needs of our region, state, and nation. Environmental laws and regulations have resulted in compliance monitoring programs that require employees who have the skills and knowledge to ensure a safe and healthy environment and balance the protection of our air, land, and water with economic development. The skills graduates possess are based on a combination of laboratory and field experience.

The environmental lab is equipped with the latest in analytical equipment, such as spectrophotometers, ion selective analysis instruments, portable test kits, and meters. A large number of environmental sites, such as wildlife areas, state parks, wetlands, lakes and rivers are located close to campus and are used as sites for student learning experiences. Enhanced computer skills, including instruction on ArcView, GIS, and Microsoft Office are taught within the curriculum. The graduate will possess the skills to participate in laboratory and/or field work, conducting impact studies, utilizing test equipment, gathering and organizing data, and generating reports.

Environmental Science, Safety & Health technicians assist biologists, chemists, and engineers in the areas of water and wastewater treatment; surface and ground water monitoring; environmental site assessment; biomonitoring; air quality monitoring; management, transportation, disposal, and storage of solid and hazardous wastes, and domestic and industrial health and safety. Their work takes place within local, state, and federal agencies, private consulting firms, and municipalities. 

Course Curriculum

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Degree Details

Major: Environmental Science, Safety & Health
: Associate of Applied Science
Location: On Campus
Duration: 2 Years
Type: Natural Sciences