A grade will be given in each course and that grade will reflect the student’s progress and achievement in knowledge of the subject, ability to apply this knowledge, and work habits and practices. Grades will be awarded on the four-point system, and translate basically as follows:

GradeQuality GradeNumerical GradeGrade Point
ASuperior90-1004.0 per credit hour
BExcellent80-893.0 per credit hour
CAverage70-792.0 per credit hour
DBelow Average60-691.0 per credit hour
FFailurebelow 60no credit hour
FNFailure-Lack of Attendanceno credit hour

FN Failure-Non Attendance no credit hour The cumulative grade ranges above indicate levels of achievement normally required to achieve the corresponding grade. In all cases, decisions concerning final grades for courses are the responsibility of the individual instructor. Certain programs and courses may require a slightly different grading scale. The following grades are not included in grade point averages:

APAdvanced Placement
DZFresh Start D Grade
FZFresh Start F Grade
IPCourse in Progress
MCMilitary Credit - Other
MNMathStart Not Passed
MPMathStart Passed
LLLife Long Learning (Non-Traditional) Credit
MNMathStart Not Passed 
MPMathStart Passed
MTMilitary Transfer Assurance Guide (MTAG)
NCNon Credit
NPNot Passed (Failure) in Credit/No Credit Course
NRGrade Not Received
OTOther Non-Institutional Credit
PPassed in Credit/No Credit Course
PPassed in Credit by Examination 
POPrior Learning Assessment - Certification/Credentialed Experience
PPPrior Learning Assessment - Portfolio Review
TATransfer Credit with an A
TBTransfer Credit with a B
TCTransfer Credit with a C
TDTransfer Credit with a D
TRTransfer Credit
VCVocational Education Credit 
WVWaived Credit

Grade Point Average (GPA) Quality points are determined by multiplying the credit hours for a course by the points earned as shown above for each mark. A student’s grade point average is obtained by dividing the total number of quality points by number of hours excluding courses for which the marks of NP, IP, TR, TA, TB, TC, TD, LL, P, S, AU, W, or U are recorded. For an example on how to determine a GPA, please refer to the student handbook.