Health and Medical Programs

Health and Medical Training Programs

At Zane State College you will receive the education you need to begin a rewarding career in healthcare. Our degrees and certificates combine hands-on training with thorough foundational instruction. All courses are taught by industry professionals to prepare you to serve your community.

Selective Health Programs Process

The Basics

1.) Apply to Zane State College online.

2.) Apply to the program. This REQUIRES a printed application packet, available on the program page.

PLEASE NOTE: Any reference to the HOAE is no longer valid. All other application materials for this program are still required. Please email Dean Shelley Zimmerman at with questions.

Get Your App Together

Join us for an informative and informal workshop designed to get all of your application questions answered.
Available Dates Below

Get Your App Together

These 30-minute workshops are designed to answer your questions or concerns regarding the selective health application process. Registration is not required for the workshop. Get advice from Dean Shelley Zimmerman on applying to these programs where the HOAE is required. Applications are due March 30, 2023, by 4:30 p.m, online or in person at Health Science Hall.

The Get Your App Together Workshops are offered in person or via Zoom:

Not able to attend? Please get in touch with Dean Shelley Zimmerman at

Employment Prospects

Graduates may find employment in the following environments:
Hospital labs, reference labs, doctor’s offices & clinics, industrial labs, environmental testing facilities, quality control testing facilities, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physician’s offices, schools, outpatient centers, rehab centers, home health agencies, sports clinics, schools, government agencies, equipment manufacturers, research facilities, colleges and universities.