Comfort of Home

There is no one else out there like you. No one.

You have your own story. You have taken your own path with its own set of ups and downs. And lately due to COVID-19, that path might look like a zig-zag.

Our new “Comfort of Home” campaign explains why staying home and attending Zane State is a great option. If you are wondering what fall semester will look like at Zane State College, please click here for our fall semester web page. 🏡

Zane State is not your ordinary college.

Up until now, you might have planned to go away to a 4-year college. You might be looking at things differently now. These are not ordinary times. We want to remind you that Zane State is not your ordinary college. Start with us and finish at a 4-year college. You can drastically reduce your bachelor’s degree costs through 2+2 and 3 +1 transfer options. Earn general education credits that may be applied to a bachelor’s degree. Specific general education courses fit the Ohio Transfer Module, and are guaranteed to transfer among Ohio’s public colleges and universities.

We are family.

For over 50 years, Zane State has been a staple in our community. We have been here through thick and thin. With over 13,000 grads, we are in the official business of helping students achieve their goals. After all, we are top in the state for our graduation rate! Zane State’s professors are your neighbors and friends who will know your name and care about your success. They are here for you more than ever. Click here to meet the ZSC Family.

We are affordable.

Compare our tuition rate to discover another reason why should choose Zane State. Our fall semester tuition rate is only $179 per credit hour for residents of Ohio. Plus, we have over $300,000 of scholarships and awards. The best part about our scholarship application process: you only need to complete one application and there is no essay! We have FREE parking and you can sleep in your own bed and not have to share a dorm. If you want to step out and live on your own, ask us about affordable area apartments or houses for rent.

We have what you need.

We listen to what employers need. We watch as the job market changes. We talk with future students, just like you. Then, we mold it all together to create in-demand degrees. We have 29 programs that lead to an associate degree, and an Electrical Engineering Technology Bachelor’s degree

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay on Track.

“Community colleges not only offer a quality, affordable education close to home, they will actually be the best strategic option in the fall for many families — and not just those with limited resources as a result of the current economic conditions. 👉👉 Today, about half of all bachelor’s degree earners began their education at a community college, and this pandemic will shine a bright light on the contribution of these institutions to the entire educational ecosystem.” Continue reading here.

Staying home and attending Zane State is a great option. Get started by contacting us at or attend a Virtual Visit. Click here to apply to Zane State College today.