COVID-19 Information for ZSC Campus & Community



Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I access information about commonly asked questions specific to fall semester?

Please click here for a printable PDF for details. Check back often as the document will be updated as needed.

Are face coverings required on campus?

Yes. Students are required to wear face masks at all time when on campus. When social distancing is not possible while outdoors, coverings are also required. The use of hand sanitizers and frequent hand washing is encouraged.

Are campus face-to-face courses suspended?

The fall schedule has been fully updated with information about how courses will be offered. Please visit the Fall Course Update page. There are face-to-face courses, blended and hybrid courses that will be a mix of face-to-face and remote courses, and fully online courses.

When I come to campus, do I need to check in?

Where can I find information about the CARES Act and other financial assistance or emergency funding?

I need community service assistance. Who do I contact?

Do you have questions about community services and resources? Dial 2-1-1. This is a free 24 hour; 7 days a week number to call if you live in Muskingum, Perry, or Morgan Counties and need information about community services.
Dialing 2-1-1 is a simple, easy-to-remember number to call when you need help or access to:

  • Community service agencies
  • Food and shelter providers
  • Childcare and more

Details here:

Where can I get information about preventing the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?