Dear Students,

Your bi-weekly updates have been coming from President Brown; however, today I have the privilege of sharing some news with you!

In case you are not sure what my role is at Zane State College, I am the senior academic officer and oversee all aspects relating to academics. I primarily work with Deans and faculty, and today, I feel honored to connect directly with you.

This is a profound time of change and disruption for all of us, and for the world for that matter. Please know how concerned we at Zane State are for you, your health, and your success. Maybe, for some, remaining focused on your future goals is a good way to weather this pandemic. The College is working hard to make sure all who can continue to study, have access to high quality instruction that is appropriately modified so that you are safe, and progressing toward goals that are important to you.

Earning your credential, certificate, or degree so that you are ready to hit the ground running when this cloud of uncertainty lifts is a smart idea, and Zane State College is ready to support you in this effort to the best of our abilities. Your Success Coaches and Academic Advisors are ready to help you enroll now for Summer and Fall terms. Click here to read over the new summer catalog. For those of you in your first year of college, we know from our student success data that part-time students who earn 20 credit hours and full-time students who earn 30 credit hours in the first year, are significantly more likely to graduate. Enrolling in summer term is an excellent way to reach this milestone. Financial Aid Counselors can help you navigate how these new laws, and summer Pell can assist you with paying for college. Please reach out to your advisor or coach as soon as possible to get any assistance you need and get registered for classes.

A couple of other updates:

  • As I’m sure you are all aware, legislation continues to be developed to address the challenges you all have faced over the past few weeks. Please remain patient as my office and our Financial Aid professionals continue to analyze how these changes will impact your educational track. That being said, please don’t hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@zanestate.edu should you have any pressing concerns related to the ongoing administrative and legislative changes.
  • If you’re like me, you’re probably really missing your friends. Your professors and I have been talking via Zoom, and I think you should consider this as a way to see your classmates. There are options out there to “virtually” collaborate, complete homework, and even have some laughs. Zoom offers a free version with a 40-minute limit for meetings for three or more people. ZSC will be sending out a student version in the near future. In the meantime, go to https://zoom.us/ if you are interested in this meeting platform.
  • And last but certainly not least, for those of you who are graduating, I am pleased to share the Zane State College 2020 Graduate Newsletter here: www.zanestate.edu/grad. Grads, please make sure you complete the Commencement survey by April 16. We need your input so we can make the best decision on how we can honor you for your academic achievements. There is lots of important information in this newsletter, so check back often as we update content.

As the world economy recovers, we want you ready for new and exciting career opportunities. Most of all, we wish you good health as we all do our parts to keep our communities safe and healthy. Please know how proud I am of each and every one of you. You’re going to come out stronger because of the hurdles you are overcoming because of the pandemic. Your grit will motivate others … you have been motivating me this whole time.

Be well and have a great weekend.

Dr. Richard Woodfield