FAQ for Students


Will campus visits and tours be offered for new students?

The campus is open to the public under suggested protocol and will resume our Walk-in Wednesdays.

We are also offering scheduled On-Campus Visits as well as continuing our Virtual Appointments, Virtual Group Events, and a Virtual Tour. Click here to go to the Visit page for more information.

If you would prefer a personal appointment – You can schedule a personal appointment with an admissions counselor by clicking here.

Are my labs being offered online?

The schedule has been fully updated with information about how labs will be offered in the course search. There will be face-to-face labs, combination remote and live lab experiences, and fully remote labs being offered.

What if I take College Credit Plus (CCP) classes?

If you are taking CCP classes at your high school, contact your CCP instructor (at the high school) for further information. Please stay up-to-date by checking your Zane State College and high school email as you will still be expected to complete college class assignments.

If you are taking classes at Zane State College, you will follow the same protocol as our traditional students.

What if I don’t have internet access at home?

Students will be able to use computer labs on the Zanesville campus, and utilize wifi on personal devices. Extended wireless access will soon be available on the Cambridge campus for use outside of buildings.

I am a student who needs to change my schedule. Can I do that online?

Due to the ever-changing situation, our Success Coaches or program advisor can help ensure you have updated information as it pertains to your degree and course offerings. If you need to adjust your schedule, please contact your Student Success Coach or program advisor.

How can I get books and materials for class?

To purchase books and materials, please visit The Campus Bookstore website at bookstore.zanestate.edu or call 740.588.1333.

I currently have a volunteer note-taker assigned in my in-person class. Now that class is offered in a distance-learning format, will I still receive a copy of the notes?

  • Once you have learned from your instructor on how they will adapt the course for virtual instruction, please let your instructor know if you would like to continue receiving notes.
  • You may find that you no longer need a note-taker due to the course design changes. For example, lectures that are prerecorded videos can be watched at your own pace.

I currently utilize a reader. How do I continue to have a reader?

  • Students are encouraged to continue to utilize READ WRITE GOLD. All students receive a free copy of this program. If you have not downloaded this software, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page: Accessibility Services.
  • If you are experiencing any difficulties downloading this software on your computer, please contact the Technology Solutions Center, they are available for assistance: 740.588.1327

Can Career Services still help me find a job after I graduate in May?

Career Services is here for you. We are still facilitating appointments to help you with career exploration, resume writing and proof reading, cover letter writing, interview preparation, or any of your other career search needs. Click here for more information and to schedule an appointment: https://www.zanestate.edu/career-services/.

HELP! I need assistance with Blackboard and navigating through the new virtual learning environment. Who can help?

Zane State College Peer Mentors are available to help! They can work with you to help solve your issues, make you feel more comfortable, and they can send a message to your faculty for you if needed. Call 740.588.1250 for assistance.

Where can I find an archive of student email communication?

Please visit the Communication Archive.

Where can I get mental health assistance?

As a student, you can receive complementary mental health assistance. Please visit the College’s IMPACT Solutions Student Life Assistance Provider here: http://www.impactstudentassistance.com.

As a student, what is the process if I appear to be ill with symptoms of COVID-19?