It is the goal of Zane State College to enable individuals to develop to their fullest potential and prepare them for their chosen field. To this end, an assessment program is conducted College-wide to measure student progress toward educational goals, to determine academic progress, to improve teaching and learning, and to evaluate institutional effectiveness. Student assessment is part of the College’s educational program. What Zane State College discovers through the assessment program is used in making decisions about everything the College does from curriculum planning to student activities to support services.

For recent student outcome data and surveys of student engagement, please see the following links:

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From the time students apply to the College until the time they leave, students are expected to participate in a series of evaluations, projects, surveys and other assessment activities intended to:

  • Assess students’ backgrounds, academic skills, and interests for accurate advisement and program placement at entry;

  • Obtain information about students’ satisfaction with College courses, programs and services;

  • Measure gains and competencies students have achieved academically while at the College; and

  • Demonstrate mastery of skills. These evaluations, projects, surveys, and other assessment activities are used to help students achieve their individual goals and to improve College services and programs for all students. Students’ earnest and sincere participation in surveys, tests, learning tasks, exit exams, capstone experiences, and portfolio development provides the College with accurate information to plan increasingly effective programs and services. In this effort, students become partners in the assessment and learning process.