Professional Development at Zane State College

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Do you need additional training or professional development? The below opportunities are available to you as an employee of Zane State College. 

Denise Johnson
Coordinator of Recruitment and Professional Development
Office: 740.588.4407

Educational Technology


Blackboard is a Web application that allows Zane State College to offer courses online and gives instructors the ability to post supplemental material for hybrid and face-to-face courses. You can log onto Blackboard and access your class materials anywhere you have an Internet connection. Blackboard training is offered throughout the calendar year. By calling Barb Miller at ext. 1314.


My ZSC is Zane State College’s intranet. Employees can navigate throughout the portal to access the Employee Handbook, paystubs, safety alerts and many other employee and academic information. Need a refresher session? Call Keela Nelson at ext. 1318


Cognos is a web-based software product that is utilized at Zane State College to create and manage customized reports. Ongoing training is available by contacting the Office of Human Resources or by calling Joe Keating at ext. 1242.


Jenzabar is our ERP. It is a software information database that hosts and manages our student and employee data. Training is available by calling Cindi Swope at ext. 1221.


Maxient is a behavior record database nationally known at colleges and universities across the United States. Employees, students or anyone from the public can submit a complaint, or report an incident by going to and by clicking on the link at the bottom of the webpage. All submitted information is streamlined to the appropriate people across campus. Training on the software can be scheduled by contacting the Office of Human Resources or by calling Joe Keating at ext. 1242.

Educational Assistance

Tuition Reimbursement

Zane State College provides a tuition reimbursement benefit for employees working towards obtaining their Associates, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degrees outside of our college. For current reimbursement policy information, please refer to policy 500.25 in the Employee Handbook.

Tuition Fee Waiver

ZSC encourages employees to be avid learners and to continually develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Please refer to the Zane State College Employee Tuition Fee Waiver Policy 500.23 for current information regarding this excellent fringe professional development benefit for employees wanting to take a course or obtain a degree on our campus.

Ohio University Joint Fee Waiver

Zane State College and Ohio University Zanesville have a joint agreement by which employees may take courses at the neighboring institution at no cost. Please refer to policy 500.24 in the Employee Handbook for current information.

Have a question regarding our Tuition Reimbursement or Tuition Waiver policies? Please call the Office of Human Resources at ext. 1236 or 4407.

Adjunct Faculty Opportunities

Tuition Fee Waiver

Adjunct faculty teaching a regular semester course are eligible for waiver of tuition and general fee for one (1) semester course the following semester. Credit for enrollment under this policy can be accrued or “banked” for up to three semesters following their instructional assignment. Credit hour taken under this benefit cannot exceed the number of credit hours taught for the academic year. This benefit, if not used by the adjunct faculty, can be used by eligible dependents of the adjunct faculty member. For current information on this benefit, refer to policy 500.23 in the Employee Handbook.

Adjunct Resources

Professional Development opportunities, including Educational Technology training is available for all of our current and new hire adjunct faculty members. We feel that all employees can benefit and thrive when given the proper tools needed for the classroom.  New hire adjuncts can schedule training by calling Denise Johnson at ext. 4407. Current adjuncts may schedule training by calling the Provost’s Office at ext. 1256 or by contacting the appropriate department that training is needed.

Training and Development

Day 1 - Orientation

The New Employee Orientation Program is a two-part approach to orienting and developing new employees. The first part of the orientation process is provided by the Office of Human Resources in an on-boarding experience through NEOGOV. Necessary compliance paperwork and a variety of welcome and compliance videos; including a clip from our President,  Title IX  Coordinator and FERPA compliance facilitator will be made available and viewable upon day one and prior to arrival. New employees will then be introduced to their new Z-Mentor to familiarize them to their new office, co-workers, job duties and expectations of the area and department. Z-mentors will also provide the new hire with a tour of campus and introductions to faculty and staff along the way.

College Leadership Institute

The second part of our orientation process is through the College Leadership Institute; a seven-month on-boarding experience that focuses on a variety of leadership styles and an intro to ZSC’s roots. Each CLI member will read John C. Maxwell’s book called ‘The 360 Degree Leader’ and learn what it’s like to lead from the middle. Additionally, participants will learn to assess themselves with a DiSC behavior assessment tool and develop a Capstone project that will make them think outside of the box while implementing and or changing a current process within a department on campus.

This two-part orientation program is essential to our new hires while they are transitioning into ZSC’s campus community and culture. Our College Leadership Institute begins in December and ends in June of each year.

Leadership Zane State

Coming Soon…. Strategic leadership skills building at its finest! Join us as we learn about the nine most common leadership styles; transformational, transactional, servant, autocratic, laissez-faire, democratic, bureaucratic, charismatic and situational. Develop and fine-tune your leadership style and begin leading your team to the next level.

All-Employee Professional Development Days

The Office of Human Resources offers two development days per year that is focused on compliance training and other related topics that will benefit both faculty and staff across campus. Topics are chosen by a select group of individuals that serve on the Professional Development Committee. Development days are offered the second Wednesday in January and August of each year.


It takes discipline to complete a successful strategic goal in any institution. Zane State College has embedded 4DX’s Four Disciplines of Execution concepts of;

  1. Focusing on the Wildly Important
  2. Acting on the Lead Measures
  3. Keeping a Compelling Scoreboard
  4. Creating a Cadence of Accountability

New hire and refresher training is available at any time Monday through Thursday.

Book Clubs

New York Times Bestseller ‘Crucial Conversations’ along with International Bestseller ‘Leadership and Self-Deception’ have been two most recent topics of discussion on and off campus. Join us this winter as we begin learning what it’s like to live in extreme poverty on the streets of Milwaukee by reading New York Times Bestseller ‘Evicted’ by Matthew Desmond. New book series begin in January and run through March of each year.

Online Learning

Hoonuit, (formerly Atomic Learning) is an online learning resource tool for many different compliance topics, including Title IX, and FERPA. You can access the information by going to the web browser below and by using your ZSC username and password.

Workshop Wednesdays

Coming Soon! Workshop Wednesdays are mini leadership/informational sessions geared towards new and seasoned supervisors. The objective to every session is for every participant to walk away with a new ‘tool’. This new cutting edge theory will give supervisors the proper knowledge to lead and move our college forward.

Walt Disney’s Excellence in Customer Service Training

Customer service is important here at Zane State College. That is why we always strive to meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff. Join us as we learn Walt Disney’s approach to treating everyone as our guest. Sessions can be scheduled by calling Heather Merry at ext. 1293 or Jennifer King at ext. 4175.

IMPACT Solutions Employee Assistance Program

Our EAP program offers over 20,000 resources on health, resilience, emotional wellbeing, finances, legal issues and personal and professional development. Connect via smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device. Go to and login with the user name ‘zanestate’. Create your own personal profile by clicking on the profile link in the upper right hand corner. You can save your professional development certificates within our own profile. For more information, please call the Office of Human Resources at ext. 1236 or ext. 4407.

Unconscious Bias Awareness

Our Unconscious Bias Awareness committee, currently known as one of our 4DX teams, meet in person twice per month to discuss ways on how to improve diversity awareness. Diversity training is also offered through our Hoonuit portal by using your ZSC username and password at For more information, please call ext. 4407.

ASOM - Faculty Professional Development and In-Service Policy

Required annual hours for each category per academic year:

In Service: Will not exceed 12 hours, to be completed in not more than three business days, which are labeled as “Employee Development/In-service” on Academic Calendar.

Professional Development (On or off campus): 8 hours

Total required In-Service and Professional Development: 20 hrs.