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Making Your Class Schedule: Advice from a Success Coach

by Julia Griffin
Success Coach

You’ve probably heard the expression, “The early bird gets the worm.”  The same concept applies to registering EARLY for classes … and here are tips to making your schedule:

  • Picking out your classes at the first opportunity allows you to arrange your work schedule, child care, transportation, and other obligations ahead of time so that if something comes up last minute, you can more easily work it out.
  • You don’t want one thing like your car breaking down to completely derail your semester, so you should always have your ‘plan B’ in the back of your mind.  Who could you ask for a ride if that happened?  Who could watch your kids if their regular child care fell through?
  • Your classes need to be one of your top priorities, and thinking through things ahead of time will help you feel confident and ready to go when the semester starts.

All through our elementary and high school years, we thought of summer as time off.  Now that you are in college, summer is a time to get ahead!

  • It’s a time to take a class in a subject that is harder for you so that you can really focus on it and do well.
  • It’s a time to get some general education courses out of the way to lessen a schedule that may be a little heavier on program courses in the fall.
  • It’s a time to take advantage of Pell Grant dollars that are available to you in the summer, that will otherwise go unused.
  • It may be time for you to retake a class that you didn’t do so hot in.
  • Ask yourself—what is your plan for the summer?  Could I work and save some money AND take some summer classes?  Would taking classes in summer help me graduate on time or possibly early? Really, why would you not do it?

If you are a current student, let’s talk more at the upcoming Registration Fest:

  • Wednesday, May 5 3-5 p.m.
  • The Campus Center, Room 430
  • Sno Cones, Register for Summer and Fall Semesters, Win Prizes, Get Help with the FAFSA and Financial Aid, Apply for Scholarships and MORE!

If you are not yet a student, stop on by. We would be happy to help! (Please wear a mask while on campus and at this socially-distanced event.) For additional information, email hello@zanestate.edu.

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