Monado Request

Monado Appearance Rules and Guidelines

Please submit requests for Monado appearances three weeks prior to the event. Approval is at the discretion of the Enrollment Services Department.


Monado can only be in costume for 30-minute intervals. There must be at least 15 minutes between intervals.

Monado must have a guide with him at all times. This will be coordinated by the Enrollment Department, but should be taken into consideration when determining Monado’s role in the event.

You are responsible for securing a location for Monado to dress. Requirements for dressing space:

  • Must be close to the event and there must be an easy walk to the event space (no stairs, small spaces, etc.).
  • Must be out of view of event participants and other passerby, but does not need to be entirely private/behind closed doors (the person always remains fully clothed underneath the costume).
  • The space should be secure for Monado to leave belongings.
  • Monado will need access to this space 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after his appearance.

Monado's Capabilities

  • Monado cannot run and cannot walk up or down stairs, through grass, or through large crowds of people.
  • Monado is unable to speak, but can wave, pose, etc.
  • Monado can hold and throw objects (balls, signs, t-shirts, etc.) but it is difficult for him, so objects should not be fragile and must be carefully placed into his hands.


The guide is responsible for the behavior of guests, especially children. Hitting, shoving, pulling, kicking, or grabbing Monado is strictly prohibited. 


Photographs are encouraged. Please work with Marketing to secure photo release forms for any photos that you take. You are encouraged to invite Marketing to photograph any event where Monado is present.

Monado Request Form

Please click here to request Monado.