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Monado’s Market to Serve Campus Community

Opening for the first time on Aug. 23rd, Monado’s Market is your one stop shop for nonperishable food and household and personal hygiene supplies. Monado’s Market is located in the mailroom in College Hall; a Peer Mentor, located in CH 156 nearby, can help with accessing anything in the market.

The market also has a Fuel Zone, which is accessible through the mailroom window – the Fuel Zone will have quick snacks for students and emergency hygiene products. These snacks and supplies are for any of our students and are entirely free of charge. It can be difficult to be a student and live our lives, and Monado’s Market is here to help however it can.

If we are missing something in the market that would benefit you, or if you have any ideas for items we don’t already have, send an email to Emily Stainbrook (estainbrook@zanestate.edu) or drop a note off with the Peer Mentors.

For access, contact a Peer Mentor at CH 156, or email peersupport@zanestate.edu.

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