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Kiley Devoll

My Journey at Zane State College

By Kiley Devoll
Third Place Winner of the Zane State College Spring Semester Student Writing Contest

Throughout my high school career, I have never wanted to be an average student.  When I was sixteen, I decided to take a few college courses so that I could get a head start before graduating.  However, I enjoyed these classes so much that I made the decision to earn an associate degree.  Confident that I would pursue a career in the medical field, I began working toward earning my Associate of Science and Associate of Arts degrees.  Throughout the past two years, I have been extremely motivated by the support that has been expressed by my teachers at Tri-Valley High School.  Unlike some CCP students, I chose to remain at my high school and take both high school and college classes simultaneously.  Because of this, I was often overwhelmed by my workload.  Many of the CCP instructors at my high school and at Zane State College continue to push me to do my best even when it feels impossible.  I have been very fortunate to have teachers who continue to encourage me throughout my collegiate endeavors.  

After graduating this spring, I will be attending Ohio Northern University to obtain my Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  I have been accepted into Ohio Northern University’s Raabe College of Pharmacy where I will be participating in an accelerated program.  This program will allow me to complete my doctorate degree in six years, rather than the typical eight years. I am extremely grateful that Zane State College has prepared me for this opportunity.  Because of the courses that I have already completed while being in high school, I will be able to take fewer courses throughout the next six years and I will be able to receive my Pharmacy Intern License early.  This will allow me to obtain more experience than most other pharmacy students before becoming a pharmacist.  I look toward my future with elation as I consider the possibilities that I may encounter.  

As a teenager who had never ventured past the boundaries of the typical educational path, I was thrilled to experience diversity.  One of my first courses at Zane State College was general biology.  I will forever remember the first day of this class as the day that my perception of education changed.  I was in the presence of two other CCP students, a man who had been recently discharged from the military, and a mother who decided to go back to school.  Until this point, I always thought of college as a place where young adults go after graduating from high school.  I will never cease to be impressed by the dedication that others have regarding their education.  My time at Zane State College has been short, but it has taught me that scholarship is not limited to one group of people and that it is never too late to begin your journey.   

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