Release date: July 1, 2015

Dr. Chad Brown Starts as President of Zane State College
Will use Opportunity to Grow Community through Student Success

Zanesville, Ohio – A history of success, based on data-driven decision making, has led Dr. Chad
Brown to become the sixth President of Zane State College beginning July 1, 2015.

Dr. Chad Brown believes, “Every student who walks through the doors at Zane State College can
be successful.” He went on to say that student success will drive community success.

Dr. Chad Brown, who was previously provost and executive vice president of Zane State
College, has been committed to student success throughout his career. While at the College, he
initiated several improvements and worked with employees to develop strategies to help at-
risk students. This included a new first-year student experience that resulted in new first year
activities and advising experiences.

While at Zane State College, Dr. Chad Brown also led the College’s work in continuous quality
improvement. This involved centralizing the collection of data, expanding information
gathering, and developing models for linking data analysis to decision making and the College’s
strategic plan.

John W. Knight, chairman of the board, said, “Dr. Chad Brown’s commitment to moving the
College forward through data based decision making will ensure the College continues to
prepare students for success and will provide the community with valuable resources.”

Dr. Chad Brown is also a strong advocate for collaboration and continues to strengthen
relationships with a wide range of four and two year colleges and universities. The partnerships
benefit students in several ways including making it easier to start a bachelor’s degree at Zane
State College before finishing the degree at another four year institution.

Ohio University Dean Jenifer Cushman said, “I am pleased to welcome Dr. Chad Brown to our
shared leadership of the Zanesville campus. I value his collaborative spirit and look forward to
increasing mutual efforts between Ohio University Zanesville and Zane State College, to better
serve the educational needs of our community.”

Beyond the College, Dr. Chad Brown is also very passionate about the area. “Community and
family are very important to me. When this opportunity at Zane State College was presented, I
knew this was where I wanted to help students succeed and where my family could be happy,”
said Dr. Chad Brown.

While serving the College in various roles since 2005, Dr. Chad Brown has come to feel at home
both at Zane State College and in the Zanesville community. Dr. Brown serves as a member of
the Muskingum Family YMCA Board of Directors, the Zanesville Museum of Art Board of
Directors, and the Animal Shelter Society Board of Trustees.

In addition to his wife Susan and son Joseph, Dr. Chad Brown’s passions include supporting the
local arts community. He enjoys woodworking, running, gardening, and hiking.

Dr. Brown has a bachelor’s of arts from Capital University, a master’s of science from the
University of Michigan, and a doctorate from Ohio University.

A photo of Dr. Chad Brown is included below.

For additional information contact Nick Welch, director of marketing and communications, at or 740.588.1224.


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