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Phlebotomy at Zane State College

Phlebotomists are healthcare team members and are responsible for collecting, handling, and processing blood samples for testing in a clinical laboratory. Blood may be collected through venipuncture and capillary (skin) puncture. Phlebotomists may also instruct patients to collect non-blood specimens such as stool, urine, and sputum. The Phlebotomy program includes clinical experiences in both outpatient and inpatient clinical settings. 

Essential qualities that must be demonstrated by a phlebotomist are:

  • The ability to relate to people.
  • The ability to be calm.
  • Commitment to the profession.

Upon completing the program, students will be able to demonstrate entry-level competencies in blood drawing, communication, and professionalism and may become credentialed by sitting for a national phlebotomy exam.

Degree Details

Major: Phlebotomy Certificate
Degree: Certificate of Achievement
Location: On Campus/Remote/Clinical Site
Duration: 1 Semester
Type: Health
Course of Study: Phlebotomy Certificate (PBTC)


Shay Brooks