Passed/Not Passed Policy

Zane State College
Office of the Provost
Passed/Not Passed Policy
In Response to the COVID-19 Crisis
April 2020

In order to provide students impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic with relief, Zane State College will provide, with some limitations listed below, a Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) option for students in place of the letter grade. This policy waiver is for Spring 2020 only and for those students who meet the following conditions:

  1. The student is enrolled in a Zane State College course in Spring 2020 semester that was in session on Monday, March 16, 2020. This option does not apply to Spring 2020 first 8-week courses.
  2. The student did not withdraw from the course prior to Monday, March 16, 2020.
  3. The student has not earned a grade of “F” or “FN” with a last date of attendance of March 16, 2020, or earlier.
  4. Students who receive an “Incomplete” for a Spring 2020 semester course are not eligible to request a grade change to a Passed/Not Passed for that course.
  5. The student submitted the Grade Change Request for Passed/Not Passed by the deadline: Monday, May 18, 2020 by 11:59 PM (for full semester and second term courses ending on May 9, 2020). The form is now available on My ZSC under Academics (Grade Change Request Form on the left sidebar; you must be logged in to access the form).
  6. Approval of the student’s request is made by the student’s program area and granted by the appropriate dean.
  7. Some programs/courses will not allow replacing letter grades with Passed/Not Passed. See below for details.
  8. All College Credit Plus (CCP) students will be able to change any appropriate Spring semester 2020 course to Passed/Not Passed to assure high school graduation credits are preserved. CCP students are advised that this option may mean having to repeat these courses in the future depending on program/course policy.
    a. CCP students taking courses at the high school will work with their high school counselors on grade changes.
    b. High school counselors will report grade changes to the ZSC CCP office by Monday, June 30, 2020, by 5:00 PM.
  9. The Passed grade will be given for a letter grade of “D” or higher.

Important to note:

  • The Passed/Not Passed grade will not be used in the computing of your Zane State GPA.
  • The Passed grade will not be converted back to a letter grade after being requested and awarded.

Students are encouraged to continue working with their faculty and additional learning resources such as tutoring to achieve the highest grade possible.  If, at the end of the term, you feel a Passed/ Not Passed grade would be advantageous, the College will allow you to petition for a grade change.

Please be advised of the potential challenges with having a “P” instead of a letter grade such as:

  • You still need a GPA of 2.0 to graduate from Zane State College and a “P” will not be factored into your GPA.
  • You may need to check with a financial aid counselor to be sure there is no impact to your awards going forward, especially those on SAP warning.
  • If you are applying for a selective health program at Zane State, the following courses’ letter grades are used in the process: MATH 1050, BIOL1210, BIOL 2400, BIOL 2410, and HLTH 1210 and should not be converted to a “P.”
  • While Ohio public colleges and universities have been instructed to allow the “P” grade to transfer, private and out of state institutions may not allow a “P” grade to transfer in.
  • If you are in a program or entering a program that cannot permit a “P” grade due to accreditation requirements, the letter grade should be maintained.
  • If a course requires a grade of “C” as a prerequisite to another course, a “P” should not be selected.

Students will be required to complete the Grade Change Request on My ZSC to elect a Passed or Not Passed grade. The form is now available on My ZSC under Academics (Grade Change Request Form on the left sidebar; you must be logged in to access the form). CCP students taking courses at the high school will work with their high school counselors on grade changes.

Please be reminded the last day to withdraw from any class has been adjusted to April 30, 2020.

Program Course Subjects that are exempt from the Passed/Not Passed option:
Criminal Justice (CJUS)
Education (EDUC)
Health Information Management (HIMT)
Medical Assisting (MEDA)
Medical Laboratory (MLTP)
Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTAP)
Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (POTA)
Physical Therapist Assistant (PTHA)
Radiologic Technology (RADT)
Social Work Assistant (SWKA)
Wildlife Conservation (WILD)

Individual Courses that will not be participating in the Passed/Not Passed option:

ACCT 1110-Accounting I
ACCT 1120-Accounting II
ACCT 2050-Computer-Aided Accounting
ACCT 2250-Cost Accounting
ACCT 2410-Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 2420-Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT 2900-Accounting Capstone
BIOL 2400-Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 2410-Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
BIOL 2420-Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL 2430-Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
ITCS 1020-Graphic Design
ITCS 1230-Web Site Applications
ITCS 1400-Linux+
ITCS 1410-Introduction to C#
ITCS 1430-Server-side Scripting
ITCS 2100-Introduction to Open Source Programming
ITCS 2110-Security in the Information Age
ITCS 2170-Packet Analysis
ITCS 2240-Video Editing and Compositing
ITCS 2290-Capstone
ITCS 2500-Windows Server Administration
ITCS 2550-Cisco Routers II
ITCS 2600-3D Computer Graphics