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The Education Program at Zane State College

Education is a continuously growing and ever changing field of study. By enrolling in the Associate of Technical Study -Education program, students are better able to gain the foundation content that will prepare them to take the next step in education. Students have the ability to select a concentration that meets their unique interests, whether that is teaching school-aged children in grades K-12, working in the field as an intervention specialist, or specializing in reading. This program is the perfect degree for individuals who want to pursue an additional degree at a four-year college. Regardless of the goal, the Education program is the place to start.

Studies focus on education, special education, child development, classroom management, education technology, and more. With the opportunity to choose technical electives that meet each student’s future goals, the program truly can be as unique as every student and child.

Graduates from the Education program will be qualified to enter the field of education as a paraprofessional or teacher’s aide in a P-12 setting, allowing for a wide range of employment opportunities. An individual in the position of paraprofessional or teacher’s aide would be expected to work with a teacher to ensure student success in learning. This can be accomplished through one-on-one instruction, small group lessons, assistance in classroom management, and routine task completion.

Students interested in the program must be admitted to the College before admission to the program. A copy of the Associate of Technical Study – Education handbook, which includes the requirements for conditional and formal acceptance to the program as well as the eligibility criteria for the field experiences, may be obtained from the Education Department.

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Degree Details

Major: Education
: Associate of Applied Science
Location: On Campus
Duration: 2 Years
Type: Public Service
Course of Study: EDUC_COS_22_23


Kara Walsh, kbell@zanestate.edu


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