Want to start your own business? Or do you prefer a career in banking, real estate, retail, marketing, manufacturing, and warehousing leading and managing employees? If you do, then the Business Management program can help you achieve your career goals.

The coursework, which you can now take online or on campus, includes marketing concepts, human resources management, and financial principals. When you enroll in the Business Management program, you may select one of these concentrations: Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, Real Estate (on campus only), and Entrepreneurship.

Want to know one of the biggest perks? All of your Business Management credits are transferrable. This means you can graduate from Zane State College with your Business Management degree, transfer to any four-year institution in Ohio, and take all 60 credits with you. 

Ready for a successful journey to your dream career? We are ready to help.

Email Dan Amspaugh, program advisor, today to get started.

Online, On Campus
2 Years