The program prepares electronics engineering technicians, operators, engineers, and programmers to design, build, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain electrical and electronic equipment as well as setup and record programs on industrial robotics equipment for business, industry, and government. Students work in state of the art laboratories using test and measurement, diagnostic, controls, and robotics equipment manufactured by companies such as Tektronix, Agilent, Hewlett-Packard, Motoman and Fanuc. Students learn to use power supplies, digital oscilloscopes, signal generators, digital multi-meters, and equipment associated with operations and programming of industrial robots with material handling.

The curriculum builds from DC and AC circuit analysis, electronic devices, digital circuits, and basic robot controller programming to more advanced course work in electronic amplifiers, and control of robotics equipment using visual interfacing and CNC machining operations.

Students completing the ROBT degree program can become Electronics Engineering Technicians, Electrical Engineering Technicians, Engineering Design Technicians, Robot Automation Programmers, Robotics Technicians, Robot Operators, or any number of other job opportunities that exist nationwide in the Electrical, Electronics, and Robotics fields.

The rapid growth of electrical, electronics, and robotics industries worldwide has led to a demand for technicians, programmers, and operators that has far exceeded supply. As a result, wages and benefits for employees with these skills rank among the top for two-year graduates, often exceeding those of four-year graduates in other disciplines.

Degree: AAS
Location: Zanesville
Duration: 2 Years
Type: Engineering


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