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The Entrepreneurship Program at Zane State College

If you’re looking to be your own boss and create your own business, this is your program. Small businesses are a large part of the Ohio economy. People with an entrepreneur mind are needed to keep businesses diverse and interesting. Entrepreneurship might be for you if:

  • You thrive on challenges.
  • You’re good at problem-solving
  • You enjoy working with people
  • You are willing to take  risks to succeed
  • You like to think outside the box

To understand how to operate a small business, you’ll need to learn to understand local economics, management skills, and adaptability. Learn everything you need to know to get started through this program with classes including: 

  • Small business management
  • Marketing
  • Principles of professional sales
  • Principles of management
  • Accounting
  • Human resource management
  • Microeconomics

Program Highlights

  • Start your own business, be your own boss, set your own hours
  • Have the power to recognize a problem or a need in your community … and then solve it
  • Want to be out on your own and have the strength and desire to go your own way, then this program is for you!

Degree Details

Major: Entrepreneurship
: Associate of Applied Business
Location: On Campus, Online
Duration: 2 Years
Type: Business
Course of Study: ENTR_COS_22_23


Daniel Amspaugh, damspaugh@zanestate.edu


Transfer Agreements

Graduates of this program can transfer easily to the following colleges, and more.

ALL credits in our business program transfer 100% to all college and universities in Ohio and many other institutions throughout the US. When you graduate from Zane State with your Associate of Applied Business with 62 credit hours, you can then transfer to a four-year institution as a Junior.