The Gas Compression Engineering Technology program at Zane State College covers the basic science and technology of natural gas exploration, production, and development, with special emphasis on compression and transmission of gas.  The completion of the Gas Compression Engineering Technology program leads to a career in the general oil and gas industry at the technician level position with specific skills associated with the compression/transmission field.  Students are prepared to begin careers as gas compressor operators or technicians.  An emphasis is placed on the development of the oil and natural gas resources in Ohio and surrounding Appalachian Basin including the best available technology used in the compression and transmission of gases.

Students will gain significant knowledge about the oil and natural gas industry, including basic knowledge and skills that are required for technician level employment in the industry along with the specific technical knowledge required to work in the specific area of compression/transmission. Students in this program also have the opportunity to work hands-on with natural gas compression equipment.  The academic focus on the compression/transmission of gases is endorsed by the Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable.

2 Years