Some students want to enter the workforce as quickly as possible. The General Office Specialist Certificate requires full-time enrollment in three terms and covers a mix of college-required general education and technical courses designed to increase the marketability of the certificate earner in today’s changing workplace.

Beginning with the Computer Theory course, students are emerged in technology and gain a foundational understanding of technical terminology and of how technology works. English skills, including proofreading and editing skills, are essential for success in the workplace in an administrative capacity. The Document Analysis and Editing course will prepare the student for proofreading letters, memos, electronic communications, advertisements, and statistical reports.

To complement the software-filled workplace, students will master Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These three pieces of the Microsoft Office Suite are the most in-demand software programs today.

Many of the courses in the General Office Specialist Certificate program can be taken online, which is the perfect format for currently employed students who need flexibility in their schedules. If students choose to continue their education, this certificate is the entire first year of the Administrative Office Assistant Program two-year degree. Students could earn an associate degree by enrolling in two more full-time terms.

1 Year