The Information Technology programs allow students to prepare themselves for a variety of careers in the evolving communications and information industries. Through an innovative and integrated Information Technology curriculum, students complete a series of core computer courses and have the choice to major in technical services, interactive digital media, or e-commerce. Students gain valuable experience in internships and systems projects using the latest information systems and technology while continuously updating or migrating to new technology.

As part of the program students will analyze an IT related problem and select and develop an appropriate solution including appropriate consideration for security, use critical thinking and problem solving skills to address IT needs and solve IT problems, communicate clearly and concisely, and identify and explain how changes in the IT discipline affect business, industry and their work environment.

The demand for technology-savvy individuals in the career tracks of Information Technology has never been greater. This exciting and rapidly expanding field should appeal to the individual who desires to meet the many challenges of creating or managing computer generated media or data using the most modern computer hardware and software.

Graduates of Information Technology – Technical Services are prepared to pursue positions in business and industry such as network technicians, network specialists, network managers, systems administrators, Unix systems administrators, help desk technicians, technical support representatives, customer support professionals, PC support specialists, user support specialists, and related positions that continue to emerge in the information technology field. 

2 Years


Associate Degree
Course of Study