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Cybersecurity Degree at Zane State College

Would you be interested in a program where 100% of graduates are employed or enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program within six months of graduation? If so, ZSC’s Cybersecurity Program is for you! Security is essential to both our physical l and digital life. The information from this program will provide graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to secure their digital world.

In physical and digital labs, you’ll work with networking devices from industry-leading manufacturers like Cisco Systems, Inc. and state-of-the-art software like Kali Linux, Wireshark, Linux, and Windows Server. In these labs, you will practice securing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and configuring networking and computing equipment for different network types, from small offices, Fortune 500 companies, to government agencies.

Connect the devices in your life when your knowledge progresses from the basics of networking, computer hardware, Linux, and cybersecurity through advanced coursework in Windows Server Administration, Penetration Testing, Packet Analysis, Digital Forensics, Security Compliance, and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Covering topics such as Access Control Lists, dynamic routing, an in-depth understanding of the OSI and TCP/IP models while applying this knowledge in hands-on labs from week ONE in one of our in-class labs or our 24x7x365 -available state-of-the-art virtualized lab environment accessible from anywhere on the internet.


Industry Centered Training

Each of the Cyber courses will help you prepare for a specific industry certification exam.

Course Code Name Certification
CYBR 1300 Security+ CompTIA Security+
ITCS 1400 Linux+ CompTIA Linux+
CYBR 1200 Introduction to Cisco Networking CCT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician)
CYBR 2000 Penetration Testing CeH (Certified Ethical Hacker Certification)
ITCS 2500 Windows Server Administration MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate)

Remote Education

You can take each Cyber course from wherever you have a computer and internet access. 

Career Outlook

Cybersecurity is a broad and in-demand field. Employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 32 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.

NOTE: not all data elements can be aggregated. Some variables (e.g. but not limited to Employment) show multiple occupations. Summing these numbers runs the risk of double counting. Occupation groups were selected based on both CPI/SOC codes and searches for keywords. Not all occupations within an occupation group are shown here, only the more relevant ones are included. See https://www.bls.gov.

Take it to The Next Level

Zane State College has collaborated with Franklin University to offer a 3 + 1 Cybersecurity Pathway to help students take their education to the next level – saving time and money in completion of their Bachelors of Science – Cybersecurity degree. 

Cyber Laptop

Degree Details

Major: Cybersecurity
: Associate of Applied Business
Location: Online
Duration: 2 Years
Type: Business
Course of Study: CYBR_COS_22_23

If you have questions, please contact Will Bailey at wbailey@zanestate.edu.

Franklin University 3+1 Cybersecurity Pathway

This 3 + 1 partnership enables students to maximize their Zane State College associate degree credits, take applicable third-year courses at Zane State College (paying the community college tuition rate), and complete the last year of their bachelor’s degree 100% online at Franklin University.

Are you interested in taking your education to the next level? Contact our Franklin University Representative:

Danielle Cordes
Franklin University Community College Regional Manager
Call or Text: 330.601.6817
Schedule a virtual/phone appointment