The Mechanical Engineering Technology program focuses students on the design of products and the machinery required to manufacture those products.  A solid foundation in analytical skills utilizing algebra, trigonometry, and physics is developed.   Computer-aided drafting and design skills are developed thoroughly for utilization in applications such as machine design, tool and die design, computer-aided machining, and robotics.

Courses, including machine tools, industrial materials and processes, statistical process control, and hydraulics prepare graduates with valuable skills for a wide variety of positions within manufacturing companies. Graduates are skilled in CAD drafting, 3-D modeling, machining principles, industrial materials and processes, and analytical design techniques.

Technical courses incorporate the computer as an integral engineering tool, and involve “hands-on” practical lab activities appropriate to the types of functions performed by graduates in the industrial environment.  Students also have several opportunities to tour regional companies to see firsthand the type of skills required and equipment used in industry.

Graduates have found placement to be good in our local service area; however, with opportunities increasing exponentially in the larger urban areas such as Columbus. Graduates have been placed with engineering firms, utility companies, and in the public sector, but the majority of graduates obtain positions within the manufacturing industry. Careers in product, tool, machine, and facilities design are prevalent. Positions such as manufacturing technician and process technician are also common.  With multiple courses meeting Ohio TAGs (Transfer Assurance Guides), graduates find excellent transfer in state to a 4-year bachelor program in Mechanical Engineering Technology as well.

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