Students pursuing the Multi-Skilled Health Technician certificate have the opportunity to learn the knowledge and associated applications necessary to provide basic patient care in a variety of healthcare settings. This course of study requires 3 semesters of full-time enrollment. In addition to traditional college-level studies in general education, students learn the language of medicine, high level anatomy and physiology, office and business management, and clinical skills that include phlebotomy. If the student chooses to continue their education, this certificate provides one year of the Medical Assisting (MEDA) two-year associate degree. To enroll for the MHTC, students must have met the prerequisites for BIOL 2400 and BIOL 2410, ENGL 1500, HLTH 1210, and completed or tested out of AOAP 1110 and BMCA 1050. To learn more about this certificate, contact the Medical Assisting program director.

1 Year