The Paralegal program’s goal is to equip graduates with the skills necessary to assist attorneys in the performance of legal services. These skills – including the ability to reason analytically, read complex material, and to write effectively – will be developed under an experienced attorney’s instruction in real-world assignments, including the preparation of wills and trusts, civil litigation motions and briefs, criminal pleadings, corporate documentation and instruments, and law office memoranda. Graduates, although not required to be state licensed, will be qualified to seek national certification.  

The program, since it is in substantial compliance with American Bar Association guidelines, qualifies for institutional membership in the American Association for Paralegal Education, and has been awarded a chapter in its national honor society.  

The paralegal field is projected to continue to grow, with new jobs being added at an above average rate, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These employment prospects will be greatest in Ohio's larger metropolitan areas where the state's largest law firms and corporations are located. Opportunities also exist for graduates in business and medical fields that require strong organizational skills, a careful attention to detail, and written analysis.

Paralegal students must obtain a grade of "C" or better in PARL 1500, PARL 1800, PARL 2500, and PARL 2800 to satisfy course credit requirements for graduation in the Paralegal Program.

Degree: AAB
Location: Zanesville
Duration: 2 Years
Type: Business


Associate Degree

Course of Study