The Pre-K Associate Program is approved by the Ohio Department of Education as a teacher training program for the Pre- Kindergarten Associate Teaching License. The program prepares individuals to care for and educate young children in group settings such as nursery schools, day care centers, and other programs for young children. Training is also available for the operation and management of centers for young children.

Candidates gain a variety of experiences while working with children during placements in Head Start, school-based and child care programs. Candidates are required to student-teach before graduation.

Candidates graduating from the program may be employed as aides or lead teachers in the Pre-K classroom, home trainers, and administrators/directors of preschool programs, parent coordinators, or family day care providers.

A candidate who successfully completes the program of study is eligible to apply for the Ohio Pre-Kindergarten Associate License. Prior to being referred for licensure by the Education Department Chair, graduates must pass the Praxis 2 Module 0531 Pre-Kindergarten Education. Ohio law does not currently mandate that an individual be licensed in order to be employed in certain childcare settings.

Students interested in the Pre-K Associate program must be admitted to the College before admission to the program. A copy of the Pre-K Associate Student Handbook, which includes the requirements for conditional and formal acceptance to the program as well as the eligibility criteria for the student teaching practicum, may be obtained from the Education Programs Department Chair or Student Services. Criteria for conditional acceptance are based on Ohio Revised Code and regulations promulgated from the code. 

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